The Place to Go for Your Natural, Healthy Products

I can’t recommend Waterlilies and Company enough as the place to go online for all of your natural health and beauty products. Like most women, I spent years using highly toxic cosmetics and personal hygiene products without much thought given to how these products would interact with my body. The worst is probably hairspray, which doesn’t get as much today as it did a few decades ago. I got to the point with hairspray that I simply couldn’t use it because I’d breathe in the fumes and get light headed and sick. In my opinion, continued exposure to it probably causes cancer.

I met a friend who suggested the best way to avoid any of these problems was to go the all natural route. Throw out the hairspray and also throw out the cosmetics. When I looked into the latter, I quickly became shocked and appalled at how many chemicals they put into them. I am also not happy about how they test all that stuff on animals. I resolved to get rid of all of those products and try natural, healthy alternatives. None of the local places sold that stuff, however.

That is when I went online and found this great company that makes it their mission to sell good and all natural health and beauty products. They basically have a natural version of everything you could think of, and all at a good price. I stocked up on a bunch of stuff and tested it out and I can say the products work as well as the big name supplies. It’s really nice to know your mascara isn’t killing animals or causing an adverse health reaction. I am making it my mission in life to spread the word about this site so that as many women as possible can improve their health and well being by using these products!